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*Doctor's other owner(s)*((because of BBC XD the Englands go here :) ))
:iconask-thecupcakespair: *is their pet alien* . . . >_>;;

*Mummy's little Angels*
For Americas + Canadas

8( so empty :iconsulkplz:

:iconmissabb: :iconemperor-roxas:



:iconasktheminiaxis: :iconhetalia-face-rp: :iconaskfluttercan: :iconaskkimchiburger: :iconask-thecupcakespair: :iconask-mmd-igiko: :iconaskthebritishsprites: :iconaskhetaoniengland:




Cap 2.0 beta DL by AskTheDoctorxFemEng
Cap 2.0 beta DL
(Better picture coming soon)
This includes casual and base. :)
The base is for the brave souls who want to try to make his costume/uniform. Just link this model :)

Prototype I guess you can say, I didn't change any toons or anything :/

:iconrolneeq: & Kio (head), YM (body), :iconharudelrey: (Base + the textures), :iconthorneddream: (hair), ??? (Eyes), :icontehrainbowllama: (shirt), :iconduekko: (Pants) and Animasa (shoes)
No R-18
No slash/Yaoi please.
Be respectful.  U_U
Send me links~!
Oh, since movie Steve can't dance, don't use this steve for dances XD Use him for memes, pictures and comics 8D
Password:  Every Marvel fan should know this, it's Stan Lee's catchphrase. ;) First letter capitalized :D
Captain America (C) Marvel
Pose :iconmeltaisu:

(( *shifty eyes* ))
(( You can see how much my models evolved.

I don't know what question number I'm on, lol.
Redoing Cap, I'll just use my Markiplier base and change the hair. ^^;))
It was just to piss mom off. by AskTheDoctorxFemEng
It was just to piss mom off.
(( If you have never heard him be called Capsicle then, you need to go to your room young person! :|

Finally getting to questions.))

It's basically me laughing at how bad my mom is at games lol.
(( *shifty eyes* ))


The Doctor and Alice Kirkland
United Kingdom
(( Note from Admin :iconmissabb:/:iconshakespeareghurl: -
Here's some rules and guidelines for ya.
:bulletred:Trolls will be blocked, I don't care if you're supposed to be "funny" I am not amused by it.

:bulletred:No USUK, this is Doctor x FemEngland, I will not have people making comments about Alice or Arthur being with America. I don't care if it's your OTP it is not what this account is for, it's for Alice Kirkland and the Doctor as a couple. I only have this rule because it's been a problem before and I find it rude. Because the name DOES NOT say askusuk it says TheDoctorxFemEng and therefore should not even get questions regarding usuk.

:bulletred: Apart from when I do "Ask Tests". Characters not from Hetalia or Doctor Who will only appear if the question is about or was asked by that character. If the character is from Hetalia or Doctor Who then it will be possible that they will be seen a lot.

:bulletred: Be sensitive when asking questions about certain subjects. The Doctor doesn't like it when Alice cries.

:bulletred: You don't have to like this pairing. I'm not forcing you too. I like them the watchers like them, if you don't then I respect your opinion. Watching this account is a choice, if you don't like them then don't watch this account. :)
Bold is the Doctor and italic is Alice.

(()) = Abb
[] = Alois.



:STAMP: Platonic UK + US by hyoutas Eleventh Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Ninth Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Eighth Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Seventh Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Sixth Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Fifth Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Fourth Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Third Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Second Doctor Stamp by Carthoris First Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Insane? by pinksenshiCrossover Stamp by lady-warrior Sibling Stamp by lady-warrior Cross-Over Romance by LadyIlona1984Stamp: ...unless I have amnesia. by Catthylove6th Doctor by pinksenshi 6Insane stamp by spectrum-sparkleK9 stamp by Kida54
5th Doctor by pinksenshiNot a Yaoi/Yuri fan Stamp by FearlessLullaby

.:The Doctor x FemUk: by AskTheDoctorxFemEng Tumblr Stamp by Lokatah

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Thanks for the Fave!
GokuMartin Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
Dear Doctor:

Cracked says that time travel is very dangerous. Cracked says that I can't eat or drink anything, that I won't be able to speak to anyone (and nobody will be able to speak with me), and that I may end up dying because of lack of modern medicine. 

As an expert time traveller, tell what Cracked says true, or are they lying and it isn't dangerous at all?

Natsune-squirrel Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015
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(( Welcome! I was thinking about an AoT x DW crossover but I was just gonna slap a uniform on my DW models XD ))
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That sounds neat. :)
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